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Active Duty Pregnancy Profile

Refer to your Pregnancy and Childbirth book (the Purple Book) for additional information on pregnancy profiles. You will receive this book at your first 08 appointment, if not please see the hyperlink on the 08 Home page tor an online copy.

Active Duty Information — Army

With this pregnancy, you will be facing extraordinary changes in your life. Unlike your civilian counterparts, you also have to manage the impact that your pregnancy and military life will have on each other. The following information is provided to help you, the active duty expectant mother/soldier, make key decisions end chart the best course for your pregnancy.

Maternity Uniforms

You will be provided two sets of maternity uniforms (BDUS or whites). At most posts, you will need to take a memorandum from your commander requesting the issue and a copy of your pregnancy profile showing your due date to the Central Issuing Facility (CIF) or the unit supply room. These uniforms will be turned in upon your return from convalescent leave. Check with your command to inquire about specifics.


You are encouraged to participate in childbirth education programs offered at your facility. Childbirth education may include birthing classes, infant care information, breast-feeding education, exercise during pregnancy, and tours of the birthing unit and postpartum areas. Visit us to see what we have to offer.

Pregnancy Profile

Upon confirmation of your pregnancy (by examination or a lab test), your PCM will enter an electronic physical profile that Is effective for the duration of the pregnancy. Activities that are acceptable during pregnancy include: specific stretching, aerobic conditioning at own pace, lifting up to 15 Ibs., wearing a helmet, and carrying a rifle. 

Although you are exempt from your regular physical training (PT) and testing during your pregnancy, it is mandatory for all pregnant and post partum soldiers to participate in Pregnancy Physical Training (PPT) and Postpartum Physical Training (PPT). If you have concerns regarding training and pregnancy, please contact your OB provider.

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