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What Is Tinnitus? 

Any sound (ringing, buzzing, chirping) that an individual hears that is not present in the environment which lasts for longer than a minute on a consistent basis. A comprehensive hearing test is completed for any patient that calls our clinic reporting tinnitus. Questions regarding how long the tinnitus occurs, how long it has been present, where it is located as well as others will be asked at your appointment.

Tinnitus Screener

The Tinnitus Screener is a self-administered tool meant to help you identify the prevalence of your tinnitus. To determine severity and frequency of your tinnitus, complete the screener and discuss the results with your audiologist. 

Tinnitus and Hearing Survey

The Tinnitus and Hearing Survey helps you identify the common problems with tinnitus you may have that are unrelated to hearing, hearing problems you may have that are unrelated to tinnitus, and sound tolerance problems you may have. To identify these issues complete the survey and discuss the results with your audiologist.  

Tinnitus Handicap Inventory

The Tinnitus Handicap Inventory is a self-assessment to help determine the ways tinnitus affects your daily life. To identify problems your tinnitus may be causing you, complete the inventory and discuss the results with your audiologist. 

Manage Your Tinnitus

"How to Manage Your Tinnitus: A Step-by-Step Workbook" (HCE-837) is a comprehensive tool provided by the Hearing Center for Excellence that provides assessments, activities, and strategies to help manage your tinnitus. 

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