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Surgical Patients

Please read these instructions carefully before your surgery so that your procedure will not have to be canceled or rescheduled.

  • You are scheduled to report to the Surgicenter. If you do not have a check in time, call the Surgicenter the day before your surgery between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to find out the time to report for surgery.
  • To get to the Surgicenter, enter Womack Army Medical Center from the All American Freeway or clinic building side. Go through the clinic building past the pharmacy to the elevator by the snack bar. Take the elevator to the second floor. Exit left from the elevator and take the first hallway to the right. The Surgicenter waiting area will be on your left.
  • The week before your surgery stop taking aspirin or aspirin-like medications unless your surgeon tells you otherwise. Examples of aspirin-like medications include Motrin/lbuprofen, Advil, Naprosyn, Aleve, Daypro, Feldene, Indocin, Mobic, and Celebrex. These drugs can cause blood thinning and may cause more bleeding at the time of surgery. You may take Tylenol.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery, unless you receive other specific instructions from the anesthesiologist or surgeon. No candy or chewing gum.
  • Do not smoke or use any other tobacco products at least 24 hours before your surgery.
  • Shower the night before and the morning of your surgery. Use antibacterial soap such as Dial or Dove unless directed by your physician. Do not shave at or around the operative site. Do not apply deodorant, powder, lotion, oils or any other products to your skin the night before or after the morning shower.
  • Follow the instructions given to you by the anesthesiologist during the pre-op interview about taking any morning medications. Do not take diabetic pills or insulin the morning of surgery.
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.
  • Do not wear colored nail polish or make-up. No jewelry including wedding bands. No metal objects should be worn in your hair or on your body; this includes any body piercings.
  • For your child's safety, children are not permitted in the Surgicenter unless they are patients. It may be difficult to keep a constant watch on your children and there is the potential for prolonged waiting times for the family members.
  • Glasses and contact lenses: You should not wear your contact lenses to the hospital; wear only your glasses.
  • Do not bring your wallet, purse, or any valuables to the hospital. Bring only your ID card.
  • If you are asthmatic bring your inhalants to the hospital with you.
  • If crutches are required after your surgery be sure to bring them with you on your surgery day. Do not leave them at home or in the car.

What to Expect On the Day of Surgery

We ask you to report to the Surgicenter front desk at the time specified. This report time will provide time to get you prepared for surgery. Your surgery may be delayed if the surgery before takes longer than expected or if there is an emergency.

You will be called to the patient holding area where you will change your clothes, have your IV started, and talk to your anesthesia provider and operating room nurse. You will wait here until the surgical team is ready. You may be in the holding area from 30 minutes up to several hours.

Staff members will clean their hands using either soap and water or sanitize prior to and after starting your IV, before and after your care, after coughing or sneezing, before and after wearing gloves. You have the right to ask staff members if they have cleaned their hands.

After your surgery is completed you will be moved to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit for recovery from anesthesia. This may take from 30 minutes to three hours. Overnight patients will be taken to the appropriate unit. Patients going home the day of their surgery will go to  Phase II and will be offered nourishment. If you have had a spinal or general anesthesia, you will need to urinate before discharge (unless otherwise ordered by your surgeon).

Other Information

No visitors are permitted in the PACU. Visitors will be asked to wait in the surgery waiting area and will be notified when they can see you in the Phase II area before discharge. If you desire, the surgeon will speak with your family member or significant other after your procedure in order to explain your procedure and post care needed. This is an opportunity for your Family or significant other to ask questions.

A responsible adult must accompany you home at the time of discharge. You must have an adult at home with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.

If you plan to have someone pick you up after surgery, it is your responsibility to have that person available to pick you up at any time. Please make sure you have their number in your possession on the date of your surgery. Your driver should report to the Surgicenter front desk prior to 3:30 p.m. If your escort arrives after 3:30 p.m. please call 77345 on the courtesy phone near the surgical suite door.

All staff involved in your care will use the same identification process; asking your name and date of birth. DO NOT accept any treatment or medication unless staff have properly identified you. We encourage your active involvement to ensure patient safety.

Speak up if you have questions or concerns. If you don't understand any information, ask again. You have the right to know!

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