Health Services

Public Health Clinic 

Army Public Health Nursing & Epidemiological & Disease Control Clinic


Enable Total Force readiness through promoting population focused health, mitigating disease and injury, assuring Force Health Protection, informing policy, and responding to emerging health threats.

Population Served

Active Duty Service Members (ADSM), Eligible Family Members, Retirees, Department of Defense Civilians

Scope of Practice

• Provide awareness services to inform the community of identified risks, lifestyle control factors, and related illnesses. 
• Provide public health and preventive medicine education and training to facilitate modification of lifestyle behaviors associated with health threats and environmental illness and injury to beneficiaries, health care personnel and military units.
• Provide health consultation and health & safety assurance services to installation Child and Youth Services (CYS) facilities and Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools.
• Provide epidemiologic investigations, analyses, and reporting upon request to commanders, medical planners, policymakers, and others.
• Conduct surveillance, contact tracing, clinical services, profiling, reporting, and tracking of Reportable Medical Events (RMEs), Environmental injury/illness and other communicable diseases for Fort Liberty ADSM and TRICARE beneficiaries, as mandated by the US Armed Forces and the state of North Carolina. 

Programs and Services
• CYS Services Health Consultation 
• Rabies & Animal Bite Program; surveillance, education, reporting and case management
• Sexually Transmitted Illness (STI) evaluation, testing, treatment, and counseling
• Childhood Lead Exposure Prevention Program; surveillance, education, and reporting  
• HIV notification (within 72 hours), evaluation and case management
• HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis prevention (PrEP) evaluation and medical management
• DoDEA School Nurse Liaison Services
• Blood Donor Clinic Disease Look Back Program 
• Fort Liberty Annual Influenza Vaccination Program planning, vaccine distribution coordination, and community vaccination clinics
• Tobacco Cessation services and healthcare personnel education coordination
• Force Health Protection services
• Overseas Contingency Operations/Medical Threat Briefs for deployment and re-deployment 
• Health Promotion and community outreach activities
• Provide readily available statistics for reporting purposes
• Fort Liberty Community Health Assessment development
• Communicable Disease Surveillance and Reporting
• Provide HPV immunizations and education
• Respiratory Illness Surveillance and Reporting
• Environmental Injury diagnoses, tracking, and profiling (Heat Illness and Cold Weather Injuries)
• Epidemiologic Outbreak investigations
• Fort Liberty-Cumberland County Food Policy Council

Make an Appointment 

• Referral from your healthcare provider 
• Referral from your unit
• Self-referral, call 907-9355 to speak with a public health nurse

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