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Public Health Accreditation

The Fort Liberty Department of Public Health (FBDPH) is now accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).

What is Public Health Accreditation?

The measurement of health department performance against a set of nationally recognized, practice-focused and evidenced-based standards. The issuance of recognition of achievement of accreditation within a specified time frame by a nationally recognized entity.

About PHAB

In collaboration with the Defense Centers for Public Health – Aberdeen, PHAB developed an accreditation program for Army Installation Departments of Public Health.

PHAB is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing the continuous quality improvement of Tribal, state, local, and territorial public health departments.

PHAB is working to promote and protect the health of the public by advancing the quality and performance of all public health departments in the United States through national public health department accreditation. PHAB’s vision is a high-performing governmental public health system that will make the United States a healthier nation.

Army Public Health Accreditation

The military interest in PHAB accreditation began in 2012 as an exploratory performance improvement/accreditation initiative of the (former) U.S Army Public Health Command based at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. In 2018, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Health, U.S. Army Medical Command, with the support of the Army Public Health Center (APHC), now Defense Centers for Public Health – Aberdeen, launched the initiative across 28 installation Departments of Public Health.

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