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The goal of the Medical Management Center (MMC) is to provide a well-coordinated care experience for active duty soldiers that are classified as Medically Not Ready (MNR) while facilitating medical management to support processes to decrease Soldiers' recovery time, decrease the length of time the Soldiers cannot perform their duties and decrease the timeline for identifying the Soldiers Medical Retention Determination Point (MRDP).

About Us

The central office of the MMC is at the Soldier Support Center (SSC) - the Senior NCM is located in this building.

The NCM’s are located at the 82nd ABN DIV SURG Cell, USASOC, and 18th ANB CORPS SURGEON CELL. They have already established and are maintaining a synergistic relationship with battalion and brigade leadership, and organic medical staff, primary care providers, and the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) clinic.

Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) have an assigned CC and they are embedded, on site at those brigades for greater Soldier accessibility.

Please call on us for assistance. We are here to help!

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Soldier Support Center

2843 Normandy Drive
Fort Liberty, NC 28310

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