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To ensure and enforce radiation safety in accordance with the concept of as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) through the delivery of comprehensive, professional, and technical support in matters of radiation safety to Womack and sister units on post.

Population Served

Womack Army Medical Center patrons (Public dose) and staff (Radiation workers)

Scopes of Practice

• Establish and implement radiation safety policies and procedures in accordance with 10 CFR part 35, Army, and Department of Health Agency (DHA) applicable regulations and standards.
• Develop and maintain a radiation safety training that outlines WAMC's radiation safety policies and procedures.
• Develop and implement radiation safety training programs for employees who work with or around radiation sources, including radiation safety awareness, emergency response, and radiation protection techniques throughout Fort Liberty.
• Conduct radiation safety inspections and audits in Fort Liberty units to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and identify any deficiencies or areas for improvement.
• Monitor radiation dose levels and exposure for workers and implementing appropriate measures to minimize radiation exposure.
• Manage and maintain WAMC’s inventory and disposal of radioactive materials in accordance with regulatory requirements.
• Advise and provide counsel to the Fort Liberty Director of Public Health on radiation safety issues, including the use of personal protective equipment, safe work practices, and radiation monitoring devices.
• Investigate and reporting any incidents or accidents involving radiation sources and implementing corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.
• Collaborate with other departments and organizations to ensure the safe use of radioactive materials and the protection of workers and the public within Fort Liberty.

Programs and Services

• Validation of Authorized Users (Doctors)
• Validation and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures
• Inventory of Sources
• Tracking of Radioactive Material (RAM) Receiving/shipping
• Restricted and unrestricted contamination surveys
• Management of Radiation Dosimetry program
• Radiation Safety Program
• Lead Apron Survey Program
• X-ray Survey Training 
• Laser Safety Training
• Validation of in/out processing eye exam
• I-131 Therapies 
• Radiation Waste Management
• Area/Contamination Surveys 
• Shielding Evaluations
• Dose Estimates 


• Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Department of Health Agency (DHA), The Joint Commission (TJC)

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