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    Army Hearing Program


    The Army Hearing Program (AHP) promotes Army readiness, operational effectiveness, and reduces incidence of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) through a state-of-the-art hearing loss prevention program across the Fort Liberty installation.

    Population Served

    Service Members and select Department of Defense (DOD) Civilians

    Scope of Practice

    • Identify early changes in hearing and provide education, individual counseling, and hearing protection to prevent damage to hearing.
    • Provides information on hearing, hearing loss prevention, hearing protection, Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System-Hearing Conservation (DOEHRS-HC), hearing monitoring, and reducing noise hazards.

    Programs and Services

    All Soldiers and noise-exposed personnel require: (per DODI 6055.12, AR 40-5 & DA Pam 40-501)
    • Annual hearing exam
    • Annual fit/check/replacement of preformed earplugs – Earplug with carrying case
    • Annual hearing conservation educational briefing
    • These services must be provided by AHP-Fort Liberty staff and medically trained personnel.

    Hearing Readiness

    Ensure Soldiers have the required hearing capability to perform their job-specific duties, as well as the appropriate and properly fitted hearing protection devices for their mission.

    For annual hearing tests required for MEDPROS, please use the walk-in hearing clinic located at the Public Health Annex location.

    Hearing Readiness Officer Training is offered quarterly, please contact the 643-2226 to register.

    To schedule a Unit hearing health education brief please contact 643-2226.

    Clinical hearing services for Soldiers

    Determine auditory fitness-for-duty by determining the degree and cause of hearing loss and measuring a Soldier’s hearing ability against a performance or medical standard. 

    For Service Members seeking a comprehensive exam and/or hearing aid services, please call 910-643-2226 to schedule an appointment with a Provider.

    Clinical hearing services are performed for noise-exposed DoD Civilians as part of the Army Hearing Conservation Program.

    Operational hearing services

    Noise assessment and abatement strategies, improved communication, and the use of specialized hearing protection devices, such as electronic hearing protection designed to maintain auditory situational awareness in military operations.

    Hearing Conservation

    Industrial-focused and is instrumental in preventing NIHL in primarily fixed-facility work environments. Hearing conservation efforts are conducted in support of both the Civilian workforce and Soldiers working in industrial-based settings.

    Three clinic locations assigned by Unit (HQ Main Clinic, Clark Audiology, 82nd SRC)

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    2739 Hamilton Street
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    Clark Satellite Hearing Clinic
    4257 Bastogne Street
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