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The Department of Pathology is the heart of the medical investigation team here at Womack Army Medical Center. Together, a team of dedicated health care professionals offer high quality care. Womack Army Medical Center Pathology Department is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and AABB.

Services Provided

The Department of Pathology is divided into two major branches, anatomic and clinical. These branches facilitate the best medical laboratory testing methods available today with highly trained professional technicians, who pride themselves in providing the maximum level of healthcare diagnostics possible in contemporary medicine. The following offers a very brief description of the primary functions of each section:

Anatomic Pathology (AP)


Transcribes diagnoses, administers medical records, sends out slides, etc.


Pap smears, fine needle aspirates, bronchial washings, etc.


Diagnosing surgical specimens.


Service is administered by histology section.

Clinical Pathology (CP)

Chemistry and Immunology

Performs analysis of body fluids to detect the presence of proteins, enzymes, inorganic compounds, as well as the level of drugs.


Performs tests on blood, blood forming tissue and fluids for the purpose of diagnosing and treating diseases. As a discipline of clinical pathology, the technologist is required to possess expertise in a variety of areas, including instrumentation, clinical laboratory analysis as well as traditional microscopic skills.


Provides consultation with other healthcare professionals to deliver accurate infectious disease diagnosis and devise laboratory testing to assist in optimum management of such diseases within the community.

STAT Laboratory

Processes all emergency lab work in "off hours," including weekends and holidays.

Path Support/Specimen Collections

Urine & blood collection and processing for laboratory testing.

Shipping & Receiving

Pack, ship & store specimens being diagnosed at outside facilities as well as data entry of results.

Transfusion Service 

Blood Donor Center

Highly technical, well qualified staff who secure and manage the blood supply.

Transfusion Section (Blood Bank)

Directed by a highly technical professional medical doctor/pathologist.

A designated civilian supervisor who is responsible for the operation is assigned to each section and serves as the primary point of contact for questions, problems or concerns regarding that section.

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