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Soldier Recovery Unit 274 Packet Information

Main Components of the 274 Packet 

WAMC FL 274 (Request for Assignment to the Soldier Recovery Unit)

WAMC FL 274 (Request for Assignment to the Soldier Recovery Unit) is to be filled out and signed by the recommending physician. This form includes the diagnosis and medical justification for transfer to the SRU. This form must have complete contact information for the commander and first sergeant.

The Commander’s Statement (Memorandum)

The Commander’s Statement is a memorandum that should be written by the unit commander. This memorandum explains the background of the Soldier’s injury/illness and the impact it has on the Soldier and unit. This memorandum should include the plan/prognosis for the Soldier (RTD/MEB, etc).

WAMC FL 274 (Commander’s Performance and Functional Assessment)

The WAMC FL 274 (Commander’s Performance and Functional Assessment) is to be filled out by the unit commander. It is used to determine how the Soldier’s medical condition is affecting their ability to perform in their primary MOS or other duties as assigned. This form also explains appointment density by type/specialty. This form is also necessary to explain whether or not the Soldier is pending UCMJ.

The Warrior Screening Matrix

The Warrior Screening Matrix is to be filled out and signed by the recommending physician AND the unit commander. (Depending on the overall numerical score, the commander portion may have to be signed by an O5 or above). This form outlines estimated length of treatment required, appointment density, behavioral health considerations, and medical care compliance.

DA FORM 3349

There must be a current temporary or permanent physical profile included in the packet.

Supporting Documentation

AHLTA notes, off-post provider notes, provider memorandums, etc. are helpful but not required.

Complete Packets

Once the packet is complete, it must be stamped/signed by the Division/Corps/USASOC Surgeon.
The completed packet can be turned in to the Soldier Recovery Unit,
The packet is reviewed and processed, sent to the battalion surgeon, then to the hospital DCCS, then through SRU S-1 for review by legal and finance, then to the SRU commander for final approval. The process takes between 2-4 weeks from receipt of a completed packet.
A memorandum of acceptance or ineligibility will be sent to the Soldier’s commander from the SRU S-1.

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