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Physical Therapy Appointment Policies and Guidelines

We are honored to have you as a patient! We want to make your healing and recovery as positive and beneficial as possible. Research shows that physical therapy (PT) helps restore movement, relieve pain, strengthen muscles, improve function and prevent further injury. To receive the full benefit of PT you must be actively involved in your care.

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Customer Service

We strive to be professional and courteous for all patients. Please be the same towards the PT clinic staff.
Quality Care. Quality Caring.



  • Please arrive 15 minutes early and check-in at the kiosk before being called to the front desk.
  • Each PT appointment lasts 30-60 minutes on average.
  • If you are not seen within 10 minutes of your appointment time, please notify the front desk/staff.


All patients must have a Department of Defense Identification card to receive care.


Wear of Army uniform (or civilian gym clothes) and close-toed shoes are required for all treatment appointments. Tank tops, cut-off shirts, short shorts, or revealing/obscene clothing is strictly prohibited. If you do not have the correct clothes for your treatment, it will be your option to cancel the session, or disposable shorts are available for your use. Check with your therapist to see if street clothes may be worn for evaluations and re-evaluations.


There will be no use of electronics during your physical therapy sessions. This includes phones, iPods, MP3 players, headphones, iPads, etc. except in emergencies. Phones must be turned off or on vibrate.

Food and Drinks

Per hospital infection control policy, only water in a spill resistant bottle is allowed in the clinic.

Children and Families

Due to safety and privacy policies, only patients with appointments are allowed in the treatment area. Family is only permitted if assisting with treatment or evaluation. North Carolina state law requires a legal guardian to accompany children under 18. After the initial appointment and with therapist approval, guardians may provide written authorization for patients 16-17 years old to attend PT alone. Children 12 years old and under may not be left alone in the waiting area during treatment or evaluations.


If you would like a chaperone or more visual or auditory privacy, please inform any staff member.

Appointment Policies

We average over 2,000 new patient referrals and 6,000 visits each month. Unfilled appointments result in reduced appointment availability for other patients and reduced Soldier readiness. Please adhere to the policies below.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations must be made prior to the appointment start time; cancellations after the appointment start time will result in a NO-SHOW.
  • You may cancel by calling the 910-907-2778 appointment line, the call center front desk numbers, or in-person at the clinic.
  • If you have two cancellations for any given episode of care or treatment plan without re-booking immediately, your treatment could be terminated, after consultation with your therapist.

NO-SHOW Policy

  • Arrival more than 10 minutes late for an appointment is generally considered a NO-SHOW.
  • If you have two NO-SHOWS for any given episode of care, your treatment could be terminated after consultation with your therapist.
  • With the exception of emergencies, if you leave without being seen you will be considered a no-show. You should notify a staff member if you must leave unexpectedly.

Group Appointments

If you are scheduled for an exercise group or education class appointment, you will be provided with the specific policies that apply to those appointment types.

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