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An OB Intake appointment is normally scheduled 6-8 weeks into your pregnancy.  During this appointment you will meet with your OB Intake Nurse Coordinator.  This appointment is designed to learn more about you and your expectations for your pregnancy. During this appointment, we will review your medical, family, and previous prenatal history.  This OB Intake appointment will last approximately one hour.  After this appointment, you will be sent to the lab and pharmacy if needed.

Active duty Soldiers will receive their OB profile and information about Pregnancy-Postpartum Physical Training.
Your OB Intake appointment will be administrative ONLY.  We will be going over paperwork ONLY and (THEN) you will be scheduled to see a Provider at the end of this appointment.

Patient Forms

Please take the time to review these patient  forms:

Confirmation of Understanding
OB Intake Form 


To make an appointment, call the Womack Appointment Line or visit TRICARE Online.

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