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News | June 24, 2024

Commander's Final Patient and Family Partnership Council Marks Emotional Farewell

Each month, Womack Army Medical Center holds a Patient and Family Partnership Council meeting, but this month’s meeting took an unexpected turn. The regular gathering, aimed at addressing concerns and sharing feedback, transformed into a heartfelt tribute to the commander’s involvement and leadership.

Beneficiaries seized the opportunity to express their gratitude for Col. David Zinnante’ s unwavering support and attendance at every meeting. They praised his commitment to listening to their concerns and his tireless efforts to improve beneficiary healthcare and the efficiency of the hospital's services.

Retired Capt. Albert Kittredge, a beneficiary and longstanding council member, took time to share his appreciation of Zinnante for being present at every meeting, providing consistent guidance, and following up on concerns. The beneficiaries' heartfelt appreciation and farewell wishes filled the room, making it a memorable and emotional occasion.

Retired Col. Willie Wright, a council member for over six years, values Zinnante’ s leadership and the information and resources he receives at each meeting.

"This commander has truly been outstanding in terms of public relations with patients and people who are served by this hospital, to the extent that all the information I receive here in the meetings I share with the Main Post Chapel and other people I know,” said Wright. “I found that the information that was put out is good information based on his leadership and what he is trying to do for the community and the people here.”

“The monthly PFPC meetings do a great job of telling the command and medical leadership what we are getting right and where we need to improve. Many of the improvements such as online appointments, reduced call center times, portal improvements, script center implementation, and our phone app originated from the PFPC. The PFPC ensures we continually adapt for the community we serve,” said Zinnante.

The PFPC is a valuable outlet that serves as a safe place for beneficiaries to share their hospital experience and play an active role in improving their health care quality and safety. Before and during the meetings, beneficiaries are provided with the opportunity to ask questions suggest different topics and learn from subject matter experts who provide relevant and accurate information and demonstrations of different products and services utilized by beneficiaries, to include the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

The monthly meeting serves as a testament to Zinnante’ s impact on the hospital and the lives of those it serves. His legacy will continue to inspire and motivate the hospital staff to strive for excellence.

“Attendees also take the opportunity to praise the care and customer service received from Team WAMC,” said Lt. Col. Mashandra Elam-Canty, deputy commander for quality and safety. “This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our hospital staff, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment in the entire Team.”

The PFPC is organized and facilitated by the Patient Relations Division team. The team assists with marketing, recruiting members, and the disseminating information about this important resource. If you receive primary care services at WAMC or its outlying clinics, you are eligible for PFPC membership. For more information please visit Patient and Family Partnership Council ( or send an email to

The next PFPC will be held at Womack at 5 p.m., Aug. 14, in Weaver Auditorium, located on the ground floor.
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