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News | Oct. 18, 2022

Focusing On the Bigger Purpose in Healthcare

By Keisha Frith

Understanding that her role is of great value and importance is what keeps Michelle Glodzik smiling each day as she goes to work at Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC).

Glodzik knows that she plays an important role in fulfilling the mission which is “provide a safe, high quality, cost-effective care ensuring zero harm for patients, staff and visitors that generates readiness and positive outcomes.”

“I feel like I am a part of a bigger team, with one goal and so I take my job seriously,” said Glodzik.

Glodzik is a part of the housekeeping team at WAMC. As she enters each room, she pays strict attention to detail ensuring that she sanitizes everything to provide a clean, safe environment for each patient. Her focus is infection control, as she prepares each room for inpatient care whether it is before, during, or after discharge.

According to Glodzik, depending on the circumstances the steps may be different however, the amount of care and attention is never at a minimum as she plays her part in keeping patients safe. When patients come to WAMC, they come with the expectation of getting well, it is with this understanding that Glodzik performs her job to prevent infections and other complications from happening.

“I do my job to prevent patients from getting sicker and so I make sure that everything is done the right way,” said Glodzik.

Her job entails checking each patient’s room and cleaning the high-touch areas such as the bed rails and other low-touch areas like the walls. To provide everyone with a good health care experience, everything in the room is carefully sanitized.

Her care for people doesn’t stop with housekeeping services as she takes time to interact with patients and other staff members who don’t mind interacting while she cleans the rooms. An act she states fills her with joy, as she recognizes that a simple gesture can make a huge difference in the lives of those around her.

“I am not a nurse, so there are certain things that I can’t do, but if they ask, I will make sure that I get a nurse,” said Glodzik. “If it is something simple then I make sure to help.”

Glodzik recognizes the importance of empathy in her field and expressed that her care for people is another reason why she comes to work every day. Though this may not have been her dream job, she enjoys her job and is proud to serve the Fort Bragg community and the many service members and their beneficiaries that WAMC serves.

Recently she felt honored while cleaning a room when Col. Hugh McLean, WAMC deputy commanding officer, let her know how much he appreciated the housekeepers who have been working on the frontline.

“I am proud of my job, but having someone actually notice, felt good, because people do look past us sometimes,” said Glodzik. “Knowing that there are people who realize that our job is important makes me feel good.”

“I see these folks as true heroes, they do all the things that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says are necessary to significantly decrease the transmission of COVID -19, and they do it selflessly,” said McLean.

According to McLean, from the very beginning of this global pandemic, the housekeeping heroes have done everything possible to cut down on the spread of COVID -19. From cleaning the floor, doorknobs, the ceiling, and the chairs where our patients sit, they do everything they can to cut down on infection.

“Do they save lives?” asked McLean.

“Yes, they do, and that is why they are the heroes, on the frontline combating and beating back this enemy, said McLean.”

The role of housekeepers in the hospital setting remains essential as their job paves the way for the successful performance of other services. A visit to WAMC will leave visitors and patients with a clean, healthy experience as the housekeeping team carry out their role in fulfilling the hospitals mission. From a warm welcome, to thorough sanitizing practices, and the removal of trash, they carry out their job seamlessly.

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