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Outpatient Medical Records

Womack Outpatient Medical Records maintains the outpatient medical records for all beneficiaries who receive their care in Womack specialty clinics or do not have a primary care manager on Fort Bragg. If you receive your medical care at any of our outpatient clinics affiliated with Womack Army Medical Center, your outpatient medical records are maintained at those locations. For beneficiaries that receive care in one of our community-based primary care clinics, your outpatient medical records are maintained at the clinic where your sponsors’ records are maintained.

Request A Copy of Records

Outpatient medical records are retired two years after a patient's last recorded clinic visit. Patients must show their identification card when requesting a copy of their records. The Privacy Act and HIPAA prohibit parents from picking up the medical records of their children who are over the age of 18 without written permission and an identification card.

Request for Records Transfer

Records may not be hand carried by the patient according to current laws and Department of Defense policy. If transferring, contact your servicing medical records room for instruction on how your medical records will be moved to the new location. This should be the standard when out processing your unit/installation. Military medical facilities may request transfer of medical records using DD Form 2138 or other approved form.

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