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  • Active duty are enrolled to the Military Treatment Facility (MTF) that services their unit of assignment.
  • New active duty family members within 30 minutes of an MTF are assigned with sponsor to the servicing MTF. If they live more than 30 minutes from an MTF, Family members can enroll to an MTF or a network provider near their home.
  • Retirees and their Family members can enroll in the DOFM clinics as long as there is capacity.
  • Patients turning 65 years of age with MEDICARE Part A and Part B must use their TRICARE for life benefits and find a primary care provider in the network. You will remain eligible for space available care (Space A) in our specialty clinics, and may utilize our lab, radiology, pharmacy and emergency services.
  • Dependent parents must have their Sponsor complete an application for care which is sent to the Dependent Parent Review Board. Limited requests are being approved.
  • TRICARE Standard patients and beneficiaries enrolled to the network are not seen in the DOFM clinics.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.